Thursday, June 9, 2016

Clandestine Lynching

"Is this what you're looking forward to?" "I have been looking forward to nothing else but to see others be great." "None of them are... Great." "Because you use to see them, the way I used to see myself." "You mean you being weak minded as you were as usual as before." "No, not weak, lost and defeated." "That is not an excuse." "And that is not an excuse for you to tell them that none of them are great." "It is not an excuse, merely an obvious observation." "Then you haven't learned enough even until now."

The moment we always talk about the fall of man rests upon only a shoulder of a single individual, why? Rests upon a "man". Have we approached a never ending cycle of putting weight upon our shoulders for the sake of knowing we're alive. For the sake of knowing you are in pain? For the sake of knowing that we can survive when we have a decision to live by unburdening ourselves. For this instance I will identify myself as "I". I have not known much about the universe nor everyone in the world but all I wanted to do was understand everything. No, not everything, only things that mattered. We tell ourselves over and over again that we're tired but we still choose to know what pains us. "It's worth it.", we always say, we repeat it to ourselves again and again as if these were our principles, and this a form of magic, but you know what the magic is never real.

We fight thinking that everything is worth it, consuming everything about you until in the end the magic of us saying that "It's worth it." never comes true. I have seen too many people fall for following the mediocrity and hypocrisy that other people earned as success, but today and in the future I shall not falter. In the wake of my decision, I have been deciding to save people from themselves, from following blind leaders who think that everyone can be like them. Maybe, I think to myself, that I'm a blind leader. However, I see myself as one of these people being fooled with trickery and deceit that to prove your worth you have to carry as much burden as you can and go on with life. No, I don't want this anymore. I don't want to be known by being unknown. I don't want to bend my principles for the sake of the greater good. I will not conform to dealing with problems even though it doesn't concern me. I'm done with this. We have been plaguing ourselves to becoming better at something else when we know we're good at something more.

I have seen so much beauty that it's so entrancing, so much potential that you would be eager to learn, so much talent that you can envy, and many more from individuals who can't see it for themselves, that I hope in my decision to help they realize what they are. It aches me to see people who have been doing their best, while others see it, they don't. I'm tired of hearing that some people think that they aren't worth it. I have been through the lowest of lows and as of the moment I am going through it too. However, I have been headstrong, steadfast, yet humble into helping people know that there is beauty in them. It was difficult for me to know the beauty I had in my because I had to know it by myself. I won't allow others to find it for themselves especially knowing that they really worked hard for it. EVERYONE JUST NEEDS A HELPING HAND.

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