Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lackadaisical Tyrant

"Of all the things, of all the things..." "Of all the things you contend with?" "For someone who tells me to mind their own business is apparently disgruntling me." "Oh well. I did nothing but foretell." "Of stories you told for a hundred fold." "Of stories you heard a hundred fold." "What would I do from a hindrance from appreciation." "It shouldn't be your problem at all. You told yourself that a lot of times." "Yeah, I know. What now?" "What now? You've asked yourself and answered it a lot of times yet you don't follow what you just answered." "Because of..." "Because of avarice and fear." "Because of "AVARICE" and fear." "I see."

As he saw the light go down at where scraps fly through air something was abound the night before this day came. Unnerving, unrelenting, and yet so unmindful it was the end, the end of a new beginning. Suspended without support aloft a vessel surrounded by unseen yet important, the light grew darker as it devoured the skies. Then he flew through dreams unreachable and dreams that tell him he's alive. Hours became minutes and minutes became seconds, his eyes has turned to the darkness that enveloped the skies. The cold breeze bracing him away from not caring. He said to himself "Why doesn't anybody just damn listen at all?" he fell through the rummages that he clung to the entire time. The rummages of fruitful generosity neatly packed for dissemination. "Damn you." He heard, he heard it out of the blue and realized a noise clinging to his ears. Startled he knew it was his head telling him that, although a voice from someone whom he was very familiar with. He fell back to his knees and deconstructed the rummage.

He got up and borrowed time from those that keep him home, those that sustain him, and those that love him. He went out back into the cold breeze and saw the darkness that devoured the skies again. He walked alone, a road too familiar closing his eyes will get to where he wants to go, that's what being there since birth has done to him. There he saw the gate that greeted him all the time, yet it was pushing him back from the destruction it my incur if he may enter. He saw someone and heard it again "Damn you!", he heard it a lot louder and he heard from the person he saw however he only heard it through his mind. At the impending climb of privacy yet the loss of security the conversation started. There hours became minutes again, it was all too fast. Exchanging compounds of words, however at a lower decibel, misunderstanding and reparation has begun. It ended with the best of three, and at to his dismay he lost. The night became darker as he left. Went home and on the bed it completely welcomed him. He thought how much a year, a few months, innumerable days, and countless of hours has changed what he doesn't want to change... HIMSELF. What was amazing when he changed is that everybody started to change due to him, but not according to how he wanted it to be. He closed his eyes suspended by the dreams that tell him he's alive.

By the gods how dare you! How dare you! He heard himself shouting at the top of his lungs, but no sound came out. He woke up distraught he reached out into the blinding light, he was forced. He was forced to exist, forced to relive the darkness that enshroud the empty recesses of his mind. He stopped and remembered how he was dismembered and mutilated by "the others". He looked at himself and asked "Where were you when I needed you the most?". He looked back at the exaggerated comfort he is seeing, a light consumed him, a light that told him he was out. Out of his misery, and onto another one, apparently it was his choice. A choice he half-heartedly agreed with, a choice he chose when he was more sure of the other. How did his dreams fair? He cannot fathom. A phenomena of reassembling decisions has forced himself again to the misery he wanted to avoid after all this time. How come I'd let forever end with you?

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