Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Acquiescence and Ineptness

In the morning and at the end of the foreshadowing within the darkness of untrue sight, waking up expecting few fatalities. I breathe at the sight that no more I fall back into what I believe who I was before. That face that always forgot to smile, or maybe never even knew what smiling was at all. Trudging at the door for "transference number" of volatile acids in electrolysis that a salt bridge has been removed. No neutrality, just plain "negative transference number" and the ratio is just to overwhelming that the loss is to much to handle.

Was I this much of an "anion"? Too negative? Asked the simple man. "Transfer of positive energy doesn't seem to matter" the other said. The eagerness to devour such notion just released with no boundary among the morning light of entropy. Much like an adiabatic flame, every inch and heat burns through you to ensure your destruction. Should I back down again and start from the zeroth achievement? For whatever degree your work is they should be appreciated, they said that becoming what honesty came to be has degraded your true intentions. I can not seem to fathom the outcome of my remaining hours, just thinking about the existence of the "flux capacitor". I cannot seem to say this but it was not Laplace who transformed me but somebody else, it was not Heaviside function who turned me on and shut me down but somebody else, it was not Runge-Kutta's order to follow but somebody else, it was not Boyle's law that I have to behave and conform to but somebody else's, it was not MacLaurin's series of numbers and letters that kept me all day but rather of someone else's. When I think of van der Waal, knowing what he did was perfect yet was never enough and replaced with so many times and something better, damn he sure is not isochoric and truly expanding stressing enough work for what he has done.

They say those that can swallow their pride, those that can be humble, and those that can control their pride... DESERVE THE PRIDE THEY SWALLOW AND CONTROL! You have every right to wave it everywhere you want to, but do you think you deserve to do so?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reparation and Coalescence

According to the Second Law of Thermodynamics that the universe will tend to be disordered.

The world holds mighty intellect, yet encompassed with the inevitability and capability of its own destruction. How eager was it of its founding grace? The audacity of the inhabitants to destroy what they were provided for. I reminisce at those days when breathing wasn't such an endeavor, however we chose to live more conveniently causing the inevitability of handicapping ourselves even more. Advances has gained the chances of our destruction. We have chosen this path and countering it doesn't seem to be a choice anymore. Sometimes I forgot how beautiful the world is, I focus on its destruction and its corruption... Well how can't I? That's what going on is it. The mighty intellects choosing a wrong decision but now choosing to avert it. Sometimes, I'm scared for the hope we may never have in this world.

This is not a ballad, a grudgingly show of self pity, ambient and indirect emotions, and not a show of avarice for lustrous anonymity. This is how the world is and how I feel about the impending carnage that we have set upon ourselves. Have we forgotten where we are? We keep saying how much we take care for the ones that take care of us. Yet every time, nature hear what you have to say and would she believe you. Seeing you throw the immolation of combustibles that bring the cancer to the lungs that we breathe. We have always thought that just because we are destroying nature, we are destroying the world. NO! We can never destroy it, nature will always find a way... And guess what? Through the destruction of human kind, the mighty intellect. Natural calamities from earthquakes, La Nina, El Nino, Hurricanes, drought, high sea levels, intoxicated air, non viable sources of food, every action that we take causes this. Just because we can't survive doesn't mean that nature can't it will always adapt for the best of all its inhabitants, and apparently we're not the best inhabitants to be thankful for what we are provided for. Fire-fighting that's what they call it... When we no the likelihood of hope doing what is suppose to be vanishes into thin air along with the pollution we have reaped with it.

But then again, but then again, but then again... I see, I see the beauty of the world from a far and how can you not say how majestic it is, and eventually realizing it pains me to know that we didn't take care of it as it took care of us. Have you not seen a planet as beautiful as the one we are now? So pristine, so serene, realizing how very different it is from most of the one in all the universe? How come?