Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Benevolent Deceitful

So it's about a long time since my last post... :| And posting just for the heck of it and using my phone is one of the reasons why I'm doing so... But son't worry kids i never run out of content to say... :) Just another shitful and happy day for me! :P

So recently I've been falling out of place with my secrets being spilt.. It's pretty damn hard sir! I can no longer control who knows but what I have to do is just trust them... "You shall lay silent by my hands if you don't." Anyway, No one has been bringing me happiness recently except for one sole soul... I have been very happy being around this person.. Falling in love even harder as this person does it so effortlessly to me... I just wish this person would never leave me as I give more reasons for this person to fall in love even harder to me...

I don't know what I'm going to do but I'm well happy as of now with my lover... :) No one ever said it's going to be a smooth ride but I will hold onto my lover and continue this ride... If you read this baby... I love you so much! :*


  1. actually, there are pursuits more worthwhile than blogging. so go ahead and make your day; otherwise, you won't have anything to blog about.

  2. If I actually had the time and money to go out though... :)