Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Respite the Polemic

Your argument is invalid and never will it be valid again. Now this! Something I'm so happy about! :D His name is Potchi! It's a gift that I promised to someone I like... :"> Hehehe! Finally not a heavy hearted emotional post right? :)

I would do anything for Potchi! :D He's like the son I would never have. So concerned about his needs, simple actions that sometimes both worry me and amaze me. He is the most lovable little creature of happiness! :D I would want to visit him soon, but I'm sure he's happy being taken care of by "****" hehehe! :) He's still a little puppy so he shouldn't be stressed so much though! And all attention must be on him! CUTE! :)

A picture of them together makes me smile that sometimes my parents wonder why I smile so widely. :) Hahaha! I miss you both! :D Potchi and "****". :D Take care of Potchi, I'll visit you both! :)