Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Non-Odious and Ineffable

First of all it's been awhile since I last blogged so sorry. This one would be a prayer inspired by a person I just recently met, and understands what I go through. I wouldn't replace this person which I consider to be God's gift to me. This person strengthened my faith in God, without this person knowing. I thank You God! And I thank you too...

We've only been together a few times and this person's company has been heart whelming this person knows what I go through and gladly supports me. Losing this person would be like a huge loss from my life because I consider this person to be God's gift to me. I have long sought for understanding from people and this person comes along. Witty, playful, fun to be with, and to think that we have been only met together for just a short time... I have cried in front of this person without shame!

I wonder if ever I was also a gift from God to this person, but whatever God is planning, LET IT BE... This person won my heart many times over, and I would gladly give it! I have kept promises to this person and I would be one of the worst people in the world if I can't even keep my promises! You know God that I have been praying for this special person, not on my knees but on my fours... I have patiently waited, and I would not standby and lose this gift! Although, there has already been some misunderstanding, I know I would be provided the time to speak and listen to this person... Reconcile, and have the relationship that God wants us to have!

If you're reading this, the very special person I consider to be God's gift, thank you so much for being there when I cried about the problem that you would keep, being there just to fulfill my simple joys... And I apologize if I ever hurt you in ways I was so unaware and insensitive to realize! Just so you know! I wouldn't replace you for anyone else... Two words is enough! "Please stay..." :')

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