Friday, July 15, 2011

Contravened Encumbrance

So this wednesday we didn't have classes since we were asked to watch a video which was on thursday. So my blockmates planned to go on a trip in their village. We got there on wednesday by taxi and we had a tour in their house and some laughter... But one joke really fucking offended me.

It really ruined my day and we had a "talk" because they weren't really talking. We all fucking cried and it was the worst moment of my life. I asked for apologies and they can't even say it, and it was all I was asking for. I felt guilt that I ruined the trip, but no I didn't because what they said was really offensive so it really took a toll on me.

It took about 1 and 1/2 hours before everything was okay. I only asked for apologies and they eventually did. I composed myself and asked them to stand up but they won't, so I left for a while and got back. I told them that I have forgiven them and I gave them hugs. Then everything felt OK.

Everything after that went smoothly and we played Lazer Tag and I was second! :"> Always part of the top 3! :)) Anyway I felt glad that I didn't hold on to the grudge because I was able to tell them that it was enough, it isn't funny, it isn't okay, and I will forgive. I know conflicts is inevitable even in your own families; what more with your own friends. I really thank God for letting me easily forgive for what they did, and also we went through the day as if nothing happened. Anyway "God loves your soul 'til your aching bones..."

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