Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Burke the Pulchritude

I have been patient for far too long and I'm fucking pissed for everyone's insensitivity when everyone did "it" right in front of me. People don't know how much that ruined my day, it's even worse than grabbing shit literally. Being plastic ain't my style nor telling that you're a piece of shit right in front of you because I'm not a dumbshit like you. I don't care whether we haven't did anything as good as your true friends did but I can't believe people like ignore such simple things. Yah you know what I'm talking about.

Don't you fucking dare approach me for apologies because I know shit will start again especially with your fucking attitude that really pisses me off. Don't call me immature for the simple thing you did but you don't know how fucked up the thing you did. Don't tell me to drop it because seriously if I did what you did to me you'd be fucking pissed too you dumbshit!

I don't give a damn for you anymore and for the fact that I'm never forgiving you doesn't give you any right to ask help from me. I don't care anymore how good you seem to be but fuck it bitch! I wouldn't want you die anyway I just want you suffer for a long time. Seriously if you happen to read this you would obviously feel the change of attitude I feel for you when I'm around you and I'm sure you'd be scared.


  1. Wow, this person must have done something to piss you off. I hope you learn to forgive them if they are not a repeat offender:)

  2. I don't talk to the person anymore... :))