Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deflagrate the Cynicism

Oh shit! We just had quiz on Chemistry awhile ago and for yesterday... Trigonometry. I just want to rest and now we would have another quiz next week! BULLSHIT! :| But honestly I'm kinda thankful for these quizzes and college itself because if it weren't for these reasons I wouldn't change my study habits. My study habits by the way before is "SLEEPING" and now "ACTUALLY STUDYING".

I'm just too tired to be doing anything right now and I deserve some rest... BUT NO!!! Some crappy subject called PERSEF1 (PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS) has homework. And by the way it's the epitome of all bullshit subjects. I'd rather have another 6 hours of math then do this. Actually.......... I'm kinda conflicted with what I just said. Haha fuck! Anyway I really hate this the fact that my subjects are hard, but I don't care I love my course, I love my chemical engineering! But the fact remains that I have to struggle and be tortured to be what I want.

Anyway I'm doing homework now. :| BULLSHIT! I'll do it in class! Hahaha! Need some time to... :)
And by the way I'm not like the others who asks you to FML or KMN but I'd be glad if you can do my homeworks for me :"> Haha...

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