Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deflagrate the Cynicism

Oh shit! We just had quiz on Chemistry awhile ago and for yesterday... Trigonometry. I just want to rest and now we would have another quiz next week! BULLSHIT! :| But honestly I'm kinda thankful for these quizzes and college itself because if it weren't for these reasons I wouldn't change my study habits. My study habits by the way before is "SLEEPING" and now "ACTUALLY STUDYING".

I'm just too tired to be doing anything right now and I deserve some rest... BUT NO!!! Some crappy subject called PERSEF1 (PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS) has homework. And by the way it's the epitome of all bullshit subjects. I'd rather have another 6 hours of math then do this. Actually.......... I'm kinda conflicted with what I just said. Haha fuck! Anyway I really hate this the fact that my subjects are hard, but I don't care I love my course, I love my chemical engineering! But the fact remains that I have to struggle and be tortured to be what I want.

Anyway I'm doing homework now. :| BULLSHIT! I'll do it in class! Hahaha! Need some time to... :)
And by the way I'm not like the others who asks you to FML or KMN but I'd be glad if you can do my homeworks for me :"> Haha...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Burke the Pulchritude

I have been patient for far too long and I'm fucking pissed for everyone's insensitivity when everyone did "it" right in front of me. People don't know how much that ruined my day, it's even worse than grabbing shit literally. Being plastic ain't my style nor telling that you're a piece of shit right in front of you because I'm not a dumbshit like you. I don't care whether we haven't did anything as good as your true friends did but I can't believe people like ignore such simple things. Yah you know what I'm talking about.

Don't you fucking dare approach me for apologies because I know shit will start again especially with your fucking attitude that really pisses me off. Don't call me immature for the simple thing you did but you don't know how fucked up the thing you did. Don't tell me to drop it because seriously if I did what you did to me you'd be fucking pissed too you dumbshit!

I don't give a damn for you anymore and for the fact that I'm never forgiving you doesn't give you any right to ask help from me. I don't care anymore how good you seem to be but fuck it bitch! I wouldn't want you die anyway I just want you suffer for a long time. Seriously if you happen to read this you would obviously feel the change of attitude I feel for you when I'm around you and I'm sure you'd be scared.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Prosaic Mosaic

School started last wednesday and it's kinda ok. Teachers were mostly nice and subjects aren't really neat... :O Since most of it are major such as Algebra, Trigonometry, and Chemistry. The first three days were ok except for the fact that I had to the a Pre-lab journal which stressed me so much... :| Anyway this week was kinda ok too, I'm pretty tired like I would need a 5 days of weekend and 2 weekdays.

Commuting by the way every day is very tiring and by the time I get to school I'm already perspiring like hell, and I'm glad to have a close friend living a block away from me who happens to have classes at 8 from tuesday to friday so I get to go with her. By the way eating lunch isn't easy as it seems, we had to search for restaurants that can accommodate our group and compensate for our budgets.

Anyway this week just seemed to pass by and although it seemed that it did, it really quite stressed me out. We also had a quiz on CHEMONE (chemistry) which was quite easy since it is still about the basics of matter. We also have ENGALG and ENGTRIG (Algebra and Trigonometry repectively) homeworks and a presentation for CHEMONE on tuesday. It's good that we have a recollection on Monday a for of rest probably but it is still whole day... :| So... Since the first day of classes I missed everything about High School: The school bus, the no need to transfer to other classrooms, the very convenient canteens, the careless feeling, requirements are "USUALLY" part of the tuition fee, and many more... :| But I have to get use to it since I don't have a choice... :/