Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fatiferous Flora

"Why is it that people only recognize what's good about the person when they are dead or dying?" "Because people are ignorant." "I guess so..."

I just realized something when this happened on my family altar...
These flowers started dying just this morning and when its on its early stage of decomposition it gives out its strong but good odor... As if it was asking for help by intoxicating or rather giving out its best by being humble. And then it struck me awhile ago while looking at these decaying flowers I started to appreciate it's beauty, the scent it was releasing, and the short life it had to please others.

Just like how life runs. You do your best to please others and most of the time they ignore you, and when your short life comes to an end that's the time they only appreciate and realize the goodness you have done for them. I know they always say "Seize the day!" and when we do say that, we only remember ourselves and ignore others. We must appreciate others kindness it is the most simplest things that makes a distraught person happy... Right? :)) Depends upon you but seeing someone happy just because you listened to them is really for a good cause. :)


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