Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doldrums to Inanity

Years with summers that are dominated by technology made my summer more and more boring. I have been so bored lately that everything I think I'm doing is already called "productive". Just sitting down and doing nothing is already "productive" what more if I don't do anything? It's like #$%^&*(*%$ Can't explain! :) So Technology has been really eating my time to go out, even though it's fucking hot! With everyone using skype I started to get sick of it because I already had an account since first year... :)) So I have to do some other stuff with internet and then my cousin sent me this...(CLICK)>> nyan.cat <<(CLICK) If you don't trust the site this is what you would be able to see...

It's an "INTERGALACTIC TOASTED BUTTERED PASTRY KITTEN!" and the best part it sings! :)) Once you open it there would be a clock counting up by seconds... I call it the "TOLERANCE LEVEL", when you see the word tolerance it sounds bad! :O HAH!! But seriously try it for yourselves it's so fun! :)) And by the way if you don't understand english you can change the language on the upper right bar... Japanese English and Nyan... Everyone can understand nyan very instantly if you listen to the kitten singing! :))

And by the way a strong warning! Nyan Cat can ber very physically and mentally harmful and at the same time addicting... :)


  1. i like the kitty in a poptart :O

  2. Go to the site it sings... :)) Type in the URL nyan.cat :)