Saturday, May 14, 2011

Aghast and Imperiled

"Where do you think you're going?" "Running away from the pain everyone had fun inflicting on me." "Can't you fight?" "I don't want to risk it." "You do know that there is no escape until you risk something, right?"

People have been running away from their fears and when they do, they run anywhere blindly when they can simply turn around fight back or if not turn to other corners rather than running straight... and the reason is, people are just scared to take risks, including myself. To be honest I'm done running away from my fears I'm just looking at it straight in the face because I know that running away from it won't change anything and it will only tire me out... Although looking at it won't change a thing too it helps me invigorate my bravery against it. I just happen to get used to it until the fear is gone, though doing nothing has hurt me a lot of times.

I'm starting to get really confused now. I don't know maybe I just have to concede to the idea that people have to run away from their fears and let themselves tire out because it isn't my fear I'm facing, it's theirs. Nevermind, it's their choice in life to be miserable anyway. I'm so confused right now! :O GOD! WTF is GOING ON! Anyway bye... Just think of a way to shallowly defeat your fears.

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