Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perfunctory and Cognizant

College is coming and I'm a little apprehensive of what may come. At least I know how it felt to be a new student before and how shitty it all started, but hopefully it doesn't start and end with how I felt about my high school life... USELESS. I've been waiting all my stay in CSA and able to get out of that shit hole... and "HOPEFULLY" pass UP... which I obviously didn't.

Got into DLSU and got the course I wanted BS Chemical Engineering but still it kinda sucks that most of my batchmates are going there and I regret that I didn't study well so I can get to UP and never see anyone again but too bad... :| Anyway my mom insisted that after a year of doing my best in DLSU I can move to UP since DLSU's tuition is expensive.

Especially when I'm taking engineering courses... It would really be expensive... This is one of my biggest regrets, the not studying part and not getting into UP, but I would do my best to study and get good grades and hopefully get into UP. :)

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