Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Convocation then an Echelon

YAY!!! So we graduated last friday, April 1, 2011, and hell yeah! Finally out of that shit hole... :)) but I'm happy to have a FEW good teachers who teach well and just doesn't give good grades just because you're good. Also happy for friends I had and enemies that I have outgrown and help me grow. Life sucks at any rate so... Graduation is sucky and happy at the same time... :))

Graduation started and we had singing and shit... and it was finished had VERY FEW pictures and immediately went home because it was boring and stuff. Before going home we went to my mom's and office and she also called my brother to go to her office so we can meet there and go home together... Got home tired and staring blankly at everything and thinking of how useless I became... I just went straight home without even saying goodbye to friends or "friends:))" (you get the point what the "*" means) :)).
And graduation ball came up at sunday... So we had to prepare and do some shit again... Went to pick up my cousin and after being dropped of at the hotel we went straight to my friends room... Took some pictures and rounded up some other friends and do some shitty stuff... Then program started dancing and some awards that I didn't give a fuck about because obviously who votes for people like us...

And program ended crashed at my friend's room while my friends buy some Mcdonald's for us. Sleep no party because I would explain it later... Woke up early then took a bath and then we walked to Mcdonald's for breakfast and my other friend picked us up there and we went to school to get the Report Cards and left immediately to my other friend because we plan to confirm our slots for college... Rode the MRT then LRT and then confirmed our slots and luckily it was pretty quick. Got home immediately again LRT then 2 jeeps then home... and rest and then some PS3 (FFXIII and Dead Space) then sleep... :| and the conclusion is... LIFE SUCKS! :)

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