Monday, April 11, 2011

Au Courant and Diffident

"What seems to be the problem?" "Something is coming and it's not friendly..." "Is it yourself?" "Never placed myself in the selection of choices but I think you're correct." "See... No matter who you are never exclude yourself." "No one gives a damn of who I am anyway." "But that doesn't mean you must not also give a damn about yourself." "Why are you helping me anyway?" "Because I give a damn about you."

Whoever you are and whatever you do people will criticize you and find ways to hate you, but when they do it appears that they give a damn about you. No matter how good or bad you are someone would hate you and love you... like God, he has a lot of people who like Him but despite all of that he still has haters. I've been hating people for their close-mindedness and their tendency to just care about those they are close to and eventually forget about others.

In my life it's either you get loved or hated I always care about whoever you are and I just don't leave anyone just to be with themselves. If I don't care about you yet you're good I tend to love you but if you were someone I don't care and you're a fucking bitch I hate you... NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!! There are no people that I don't care about only people I LOVE AND HATE...

Maybe you're thinking that I've said too much but for me I don't really give a damn... oh! I mean I hate you! :) It's me saying this and I'm not trying to sugar coat anything I've said because I'm not as good as you to sugar coat shit... :) If you're good BTW I love you! :D


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