Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vilification and Subterfuge

Dishonesty, deception, and deceit. All forms of the inability to accept what is right... Well for my point of view. There are some things that are negative that we just can't accept and dwell on it which we just keep wasting our lives on. People are bitches period. That's one of the few things that is so hard to accept and the fact that I'm a bitch too allows me to accept that people are really what they want to be.

We have been lying every now and then, and yes it is fine to lie when it helps us survive through our daily lives. It is very hard and very rare to find people living happily than people surviving trying to be happy. If the world reduced and if better annihilate any form of dishonesty we would have an easier time to understand the world and accept people in it. Not to be a hypocrite... yes I do judge people and yes I know you do too... It is very hard to avoid judging especially when they have wronged someone.

I don't know... maybe I'm just getting a little too observant to realize these things or probably I'm not... I don't know what I'm saying anymore.. It's just to hard to comprehend with everyone's changing moods especially when it is necessary to please them to survive.

I'm just really having a difficult time to know what is right and wrong in this world that sometimes we just lie to ourselves... and if we do the more we have to deal with dishonesty... so for backstabbing and plastic people... I hope you get backstabbed (LITERALLY)! :) Maybe I'm just too scared to admit that people are hopeless and thinking about it made me realize that they are. Sometimes we do change or cover who we really are just to belong and yes these are the forms of deception that are acceptable... but it is still a form of deception... So yah I don't know maybe the world is just hopeless. God's probably pissed at me for thinking this way but it's also something that I should accept. :|

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