Sunday, March 13, 2011

Manifold Envisages

"TIME HAS PASSED... LET GO! BECAUSE IT WILL SURELY LEAVE YOU!" "I'm tired of what you say..." "How about a nice cup of coffee?" "What I don't get it?" "Don't jump!" "What are you saying?" "Stop dancing! Just kidding!" "I DON'T UNDERSTAND TELL ME?!" "My last breath..." "TELL ME!"

Dreams confusing and misleading it may seem, people want it and they also want to remember it. People say dreams tell you a message that may help you solve problems that you're facing, and sometimes dreams induce more problems with unsolved nightmares. I posted a blog three posts ago about lucid dream and how it can help.

Anyway I've been dreaming and aware I've been dreaming and I still can't control it. My dream two days ago was it was a Post-apocalyptic 2011 where me and other people are stranded in a junk shop. A man with a truck teleported in front of us with a man telling us to ride the truck, but not only did the truck teleported but hordes of zombies came, we defended ourselves and no one was hurt. Then my dream's focus shifted to a nuclear power plant being destroyed by activists, the same people I defended myself from zombies, and the lake behind the junk shop stop spewing toxic waste and the funny thing was that the lake was in cartoon drawing. Proceeding... a man sitting on a wall made with "YERO" (I don't know the english for it, it's the metal stuff placed for the roofs). This part was funny because I got my belt hit the "YERO" with my belt and let the man sitting on it, which was my classmate (don't wanna mention names), fall down the lake. I then proceeded to the man who brought the truck and ask him why the zombies weren't attacking him then... I WOKE UP!

Freakishly weird and fun the only part I controlled my dream was the guy sitting on the "YERO" and me making him fall of it. :)) Kinda experimenting with dreams.. :)) LOL! PRACTICE LUCID DREAMING GUYS! It's recommended especially those who really want to remember their dreams or control it... :D

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