Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lackaidaisical and Detrimental

So yesterday was the start our PTs! and for graduating students like me we start a week or 2 weeks before the undergraduates start taking their PTs... If it's a PT week it will be a half day. So we had our Math and Filipino PT yesterday and things got I don't know useless... :)

Me and my friend waited for our school buses. Her's was already at school and was able to leave at 12:00 pm leaving me with my 2 other busmates who are also apparently waiting for the bus. My other busmate suggested we commute because she had enough money to cover us all. Planning to ride the train we just went for the Taxi since we are three that we can split the money fairly without counting the cost. Got to my other busmate's village but to bad the guard got the driver's license to allow us to get into his village leaving me and my other busmate to ride the tricycle because there is no way he can get into our village without turning back to the direction we just passed making us waste more than P 200.

Riding the designated tricycle for my other busmate's village we only stopped at our village's gate to save an P 50. We walked and then we split after passing her house then I eventually realized that my pants are lighter. Patting through my pants and pocket I realized I lost my BlackBerry! :( 3 Blocks away from my home I can't stop cursing! :(

Losing my phone made me lose my interest to study for the next PT! :( Badtrip! :(

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