Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enmity, Animus, & Rancor

"I saw you a while ago." "So?" "Nothing just telling..." "..." "It's been a long time since we've met. So, how are you?" "Never felt worse." "Why?!" "I don't know... the world sucks! It hates me, and everyone hates me!" "Really? So why do you think I'm talking to you." "So you can exploit my secrets and further hate me..." "I'm sorry for the way you view the world." "Don't be, if it wasn't for me and other people like me... The world won't feel any sympathy."

Fear, hatred, & anger, people use this to create a world filled with fa├žades. We are so afraid to show what we truly feel and who we truly are and I'm sick of people telling this: "You should show what you really feel and forget about how other people treat you." Yes I get your point but that is so stupid, people put on a mask because it's about them SURVIVING the world, and because it eases them to go through their lives WITHOUT other people or SOME other people judging them. If you are trying to hide you're true feelings it's not a sin, and it won't kill you but it would hurt you and it will help keep you surviving in a bitchy world we live in.

Hatred, if you hate others they would hate you back... so what do you have? More hatred. I feel kind of guilty a while ago during our Batch Recollection because the guy from FISH, George Gabriel, said that "... for those who look at the negative things about people and the world... have you seen yourself smiling so often?(translated from TAGALOG :D)". Yes I am pretty judgmental(BTW it's correct spelling!) about everything and everyone and yes I do realize I'm not really happy often... Yes we have a few(ACTUALLY MANY) occasional laughs but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm not happy in the world I live in. I do my best to keep my mind open so if I start to know the person better it will change my view about them.

Conclusion! :)) Formal theme writing LOL! :D Anyway a world filled with happiness and goodness is impossible and idealistic... like WORLD PEACE! (hypocrite) And we cannot remove all the negative people around us and judgmental people like me, but if you're one of the strong ones who stay happy although this chaos surrounds us... stay happy... because you change the chaos that surrounds you into something better and if not, you serve as a sanctuary or an oasis who thirst for happiness.

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