Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diaphanous Vagary

So two weeks ago me and my cousin on my father side decide to visit my cousin in my mother side since he is gonna borrow a game and decided to accompany him. We got there at night and laughed at some random pictures and one of those was how to Lucid Dream. He was so fascinated that he kept the steps and I tried it for myself.

Lucid dreams are dreams you can control, observe, and clearly remember. I practiced and my goodness it is working it says that the first step to control your dream is to remember it so that you would be aware that you're dreaming and goodness I remember clearly all my dreams and there are plenty of them.

Well I've been having a hard time observing because I still have that inability to do reality checks while dreaming. Having a lucid dream can be so rewarding and the good thing about lucid dreaming it can process your thoughts properly and you can continue a dream by remembering where you left off. It's highly recommended if you do this especially for those having nightmares so you can control your dream and even just observe what really is happening. :D It's kinda creepy by the way when you have a nightmare and you just observe and you don't know what to do and you can't get out. :))

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