Monday, February 7, 2011

Sonoluminescence in a Penumbra

"There is always light in every shadow." -FFVII "There is always a small faint light in every darkness." -Kingdom Hearts 2

Figuratively there is a sleeping innocent baby in a demon like person! FUCKER!...

Sono- sound
Luminescence- the emission of light not caused by incandescence and occurring at a TEMPERATURE BELOW that of incandescent bodies. (Temperature is a little milder)
Sonoluminscence- the emission of a flash of light accompanying the bursting of a bubble in a liquid when sound waves are passed through the liquid.

Many people say that we have to give people second chances and I do... and my patience is really long, well not obviously. I even give people a lot of chances but I admit that's how I've been played.

To understand me is a tedious task it may not take long to understand me... But seriously you may give up at the sight of how I act.

I had an ideology that "If you have nothing good to say DON'T SAY IT." I've been living this principle for a year and a half and eventually learned that people don't deserve this kind of treatment. Doing this made me more aware that people are disrespectful, lethargic, apathetic, and hopeless. This made me who I am today... being FRANK made me stronger and able to weaken a person further then apply the ideology I had.

I have a lot of regrets but I learned that it will be IMPOSSIBLE AND NEVER WILL IT BE POSSIBLE for WORLD PEACE... simple misunderstanding in a small group is complicated. Well how about in bigger masses?

Well they said that they have an innocent child calling softly to burst from the darkness that people have in their hearts waiting to be corrected in whether we like it or not... WITH RESPECT... This last paragraph by the way is the concept I have called. "Sonoluminescence in a Penumbra", A light created by a child calling out softly inside a dark body.

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