Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Indefatigable Stalwart

We had our very first fun run a while ago at about 6:00 AM at MOA for a 5 kilometer run which was fun!! :)) Anyway me and my friends planned to go together to MOA and me someone planned to go together as partners so... for nothing we just wanted to be partners anyway.

I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to prepare and go to my friend's house, which was a block away from my house, at 4:30 then we waited until we were able to go at 5:30 and go to MOA at 6:10 which was the gunstart for the 3 kilometer runners... So we were late by 10 minutes.

We ran for 2 kilometer straight and just laughed the whole fun run and drink vigorously at every Pocari Sweat and Wilkins water booth.. :)) Too bad there was no banana station... XD It was fun I would be glad to join another fun run. It was also worth the experience... Anyway we finished it in 25 minutes...

Then I went home at around 8:00 and slept XD... Now I have to start writing for our journalism PT... :)

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