Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Tutelaric Sanctity

RELIGION... One of the many things I hate but oh so respected. God... One of the few things I love. So during our retreat we were given an illustration board with an outline of a man if the one who receives it is a man or a woman if the receiver is a woman. So within the dark area of the board all bad things you do and the light side well you already know.

ANYWAY after some other few sessions we have to right our sins on the right side on the dark area and my first sin was... I HATE RELIGION ALTHOUGH I HAVE DIRE RESPECT FOR GOD. Nevertheless I can't find myself to completely hate religion because without it I wouldn't have understood God in the first place.

I never doubted God it's just that before I didn't care because when I was a child I was force to go to church and stuff which I find completely boring. I found and understand God in my own way. I love Him and I know He loves me.

Anyway I find some flaws in atheists... they usually target religion but not God but yah... GOD IS USUALLY yah.... hated. Well everyone has their haters! Anyway I've got a lot of things to say about this as in A LOT! Yet I'm too overwhelmed to tell everything so yah.

GOD? Does he exist or not? They say God didn't make man but man made God... If that is true man is then smart enough to create Him. And some atheist says that people who believe in God are afraid to die... Well I'm not... Sort of excited anyway...

"If God didn't exist, it will be necessary to invent Him." -High Voltaire

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