Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanatos is Destrudo & Mortido

Ever been tired and sick of living... even only for a moment? Well all of us may have experienced this... So let us talk about what people despise? or want? It's called DEATH. Death is inevitable, unpredictable, worrisome, feared, sacred, and sometimes wanted. Honestly most of the time I am suffering from Destrudo, a psychological aspect opposite to libido it aims to destroy other's lives usually in the form of murder and torture.

It is very normal to fantasize about killing a person but excessively drowning in these forms of thought and eventually planning it is dangerous and may seriously lead a person suffering from Destrudo to do it. Well of course everyone wants to kill someone but doesn't have the determination to do so... not that I have but the only thing making me stop in killing is... God. The fact that I'm a Nihilist only a MORAL NIHILIST. Anyway hope that I don't. :) And the target won't be you.

I also suffer from Mortido, a psychological aspect opposite to libido it aims in destroying the persona's life in anyway possible. Suffering from Destrudo is hard and I'm so scared that I may eventually kill someone which leads me to suffer from Mortido. I eventually had plans and deep thoughts about destroying my own life I got sick of it. Suffering from it made me realize why suffer more and more when we can enjoy life... I am having a hard time curing myself from both Destrudo and Mortido but at least It didn't happen. So all I'm saying don't drown in someone's hate and don't drown others with hate...That's the problem with people they don't know how to stop hating when they keep worrying about world peace... THINK FIRST PLEASE! :D

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