Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vociferous and Stentorian

"Hey are you okay?" "What the fuck?" "Oh! I didn't mean to piss you off!" "What was your question?!" "Are you okay?" "NO! Especially when you're around!" "I'm sorry..." "For what? For being yourself?" "No, for accidentally pissing you off!" "No, I want you to apologize for being yourself!"

If you know the meaning of either vociferous and stentorian you would know what I'm gonna blog about. Fuck I'm sick of everyone's shit and their incapability to control themselves! Le'il figlio du'n cane! OH MY GOD!!! I REALLY WANT A SHOTGUN! Just point (at one's knees) and shoot! BAM! No more legs for you fuck face!

Seriously this is how severe my anger for this so called SOCIETY? :| But shit you don't know the feeling... and the stupid thing is they don't have the capability to listen... which is worse! GAWD! I know we were raised differently by our parents but obviously they weren't thought discipline!

SO what would you do if a vociferous or stentorian person is in your whereabouts and he/she is completely aggravating your ability to be patient? GO BUY GUNS, SYRINGES or KNIVES? Whatever is fun I guess!

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