Friday, October 8, 2010

Trouncing Vituperatively

"GO TO HELL!" "Excuse me I'm not as excited as you, you can go ahead if you want..." "Shut the fuck up!" "*clap clap" "You suck!" "Teach me how I know you're good at it..." "Shut your asshole bitch!" "It's already tight not like yours..."

HELLO EVERYBODY! Got haters? Well obviously many of has one... No matter how good you're there would be always someone hating you. Not that I hate haters (I ACTUALLY DON'T) I just find it sad and stupid for them to hate... Imagine all you do is hate and obviously he/she has her own haters too! Isn't that sad all you do is give hate and receive hate... A very happy life for a hater.

I don't mind haters because I also pity their immaturity to stop hating and to learn to apologize. "HATERS USUALLY HATE WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE IN ANOTHER PERSON." Example their ability to be good and to stop hating. LOL! FAIL for haters! "Jealousy is worse than murder." Because when you're jealous you suck the happiness from somebody else hence killing them then leading to a suicide of either the hater or the one being hated. So if you're a hater... Better stop it... It won't make anything better... SPREAD LOVE! NO ONE WANTS HATERS RIGHT?! SO STOP BEING ONE!

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