Sunday, October 3, 2010

Salubrious and Vitriolic

"You better stop that!" "Why?" "That's dangerous!" "It doesn't concern you anyway..." "Go ahead and die..." "At least I'd die happy."

I find it ridiculous when people say "HURT ME WITH TRUTH RATHER THAN PLEASE ME WITH YOUR LIES." (It's a like page on FACEBOOK) and many of my friends seem to join that page... well I don't mind but I find others who join that page hypocritical. Honestly I'm brutally frank and anyone who meets me would obviously know because I start to joke and kid about that new person I just met. :))

Being brutally frank had made... I don't know some of my friends stronger? They are able to tolerate insults and jokes unlike before they get SO PISSED OFF! :)) A person can't always ask for a good compliment because life isn't about feeling good all the time OK!

I've been told many times that I should hold my tongue... which I know... when I speak they say it is unnecessary but seriously it is... FOR EXAMPLE: If a person ask how she/he looks but they look so fucking horrendous would you say... Oh that's fine? FOR ME NO!!!!!!!! I'd say what the fuck?! That's so ugly! This is no laughing matter that people lie just so they cannot hurt their friends. WAKE UP!! It's your friend... They expect you to give an honest answer rather from people they are not close with... MY GOD! Think! Anyway I don't know what I'm saying anymore... what I'm just trying to point out is DON't BE A HYPOCRITE!!!

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