Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vociferous and Stentorian

"Hey are you okay?" "What the fuck?" "Oh! I didn't mean to piss you off!" "What was your question?!" "Are you okay?" "NO! Especially when you're around!" "I'm sorry..." "For what? For being yourself?" "No, for accidentally pissing you off!" "No, I want you to apologize for being yourself!"

If you know the meaning of either vociferous and stentorian you would know what I'm gonna blog about. Fuck I'm sick of everyone's shit and their incapability to control themselves! Le'il figlio du'n cane! OH MY GOD!!! I REALLY WANT A SHOTGUN! Just point (at one's knees) and shoot! BAM! No more legs for you fuck face!

Seriously this is how severe my anger for this so called SOCIETY? :| But shit you don't know the feeling... and the stupid thing is they don't have the capability to listen... which is worse! GAWD! I know we were raised differently by our parents but obviously they weren't thought discipline!

SO what would you do if a vociferous or stentorian person is in your whereabouts and he/she is completely aggravating your ability to be patient? GO BUY GUNS, SYRINGES or KNIVES? Whatever is fun I guess!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Trouncing Vituperatively

"GO TO HELL!" "Excuse me I'm not as excited as you, you can go ahead if you want..." "Shut the fuck up!" "*clap clap" "You suck!" "Teach me how I know you're good at it..." "Shut your asshole bitch!" "It's already tight not like yours..."

HELLO EVERYBODY! Got haters? Well obviously many of has one... No matter how good you're there would be always someone hating you. Not that I hate haters (I ACTUALLY DON'T) I just find it sad and stupid for them to hate... Imagine all you do is hate and obviously he/she has her own haters too! Isn't that sad all you do is give hate and receive hate... A very happy life for a hater.

I don't mind haters because I also pity their immaturity to stop hating and to learn to apologize. "HATERS USUALLY HATE WHAT THEY DON'T HAVE IN ANOTHER PERSON." Example their ability to be good and to stop hating. LOL! FAIL for haters! "Jealousy is worse than murder." Because when you're jealous you suck the happiness from somebody else hence killing them then leading to a suicide of either the hater or the one being hated. So if you're a hater... Better stop it... It won't make anything better... SPREAD LOVE! NO ONE WANTS HATERS RIGHT?! SO STOP BEING ONE!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Decease of an Eidolon

"What the fuck are you doing here?" "You're sick and I just wanted to check if you're okay..." "I'm fine! Leave me alone." "I just got here and you're not fine... You're sick." "I know and it's getting worse by the second when I see you..."

So hi! How is life? Sick of the same old boring routine? To wake up in the morning and to go to the building they call school!? Well who isn't... OH I KNOW I NEED SCHOOL but fuck it is boring... Anyway these extra curricular activities is really draining all of my will to study and even to go home...

FUCK I'm just sick of routines!! I NEED TO DO A GET OUT AND TRY MANY THINGS! Such as buying a gun and shooting at a crowd on October 12, 2010 at the assembly in CSA for UN! It would be a very nice international massacre! Probably sky diving and then opening the parachute near the ground then break my legs... LOL! or bring a grenade or a bazooka and shoot randomly! FUN! :}


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Salubrious and Vitriolic

"You better stop that!" "Why?" "That's dangerous!" "It doesn't concern you anyway..." "Go ahead and die..." "At least I'd die happy."

I find it ridiculous when people say "HURT ME WITH TRUTH RATHER THAN PLEASE ME WITH YOUR LIES." (It's a like page on FACEBOOK) and many of my friends seem to join that page... well I don't mind but I find others who join that page hypocritical. Honestly I'm brutally frank and anyone who meets me would obviously know because I start to joke and kid about that new person I just met. :))

Being brutally frank had made... I don't know some of my friends stronger? They are able to tolerate insults and jokes unlike before they get SO PISSED OFF! :)) A person can't always ask for a good compliment because life isn't about feeling good all the time OK!

I've been told many times that I should hold my tongue... which I know... when I speak they say it is unnecessary but seriously it is... FOR EXAMPLE: If a person ask how she/he looks but they look so fucking horrendous would you say... Oh that's fine? FOR ME NO!!!!!!!! I'd say what the fuck?! That's so ugly! This is no laughing matter that people lie just so they cannot hurt their friends. WAKE UP!! It's your friend... They expect you to give an honest answer rather from people they are not close with... MY GOD! Think! Anyway I don't know what I'm saying anymore... what I'm just trying to point out is DON't BE A HYPOCRITE!!!