Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Educe the Obliterated

Hi blogger I miss YOU!! LOL.. ( NOT REALLY!) Fuck shit... :| Actually I really do.. Anyway I'm tired of everybody announcing their problematic shit that they initially forgot that we're also fucked up. I'm tired of people complaining about things which obviously they can control such as grades... "WHY AM I FAILING?!" (well obviously we know why and the good thing about it is I SAY IT STRAIGHT) "PUTANGINA TANGA KA KASI!"

Sometimes they just don't listen... Uncontrollably making noise that is so fucking irrelevant... So what's bad about bringing a shotgun to school... NOTHING. Anyway my blog today is kinda confusing... even for me it is confusing. I ALSO BLOGGED BEFORE ABOUT MISANTHROPY... I GUESS NOTHING WILL BE STOPPING ME TO BE MISANTHROPIC AND SHITTY AS OTHER PEOPLE WHO CALL THEMSELVES BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE...

As stupid as it might get apologizing is what we call a temporary relief... :)) We become friends again then shit happens again... but what happens is worse so WE BETTER KEEP fighting until their SHITTY ATTITUDE IS TORN APART... blah..

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