Monday, July 12, 2010

Virulence and Paroxysm

I woke up in the morning two days ago feeling a slight pain in my throat and it is obviously sore throat caused by colds because my brother brought the virus home. He had a sore throat too as well as my maid. So rode the bus and it was fucking hot! Anyway when I got to school I asked Chiara to accompany me to the clinic to get some strepsils.

So I was blowing my nose and as much as possible prevent myself from sneezing because of my fear of infecting others. Then while heading to the bus Alayne asked me to go with her and buy from 'Manong' and I bought some sprite. Then when Bols and Du asked me if they can drink I told them it is okay. They drank and I immediately remembered that I was a very active endemic! I told and they were like...meh. Then later Du complained of throat pains!! FAIL! :|

Got home then sprayed Lysol every room in the house to prevent further infection and when my other brother got home he was complaining of the same illness and I was like "FUCK!" I asked my other brother where he got that and he said probably from LRT or from UP Manila which was close to PGH. So... My other maid and my dad still safe. As much as possible I use alcohol before leaving my room and at least I was able to spray Lysol, well I hope it works.

Just took another strepsil and it temporarily gives the relief I want. Anyway I hope I didn't infect any classmates of teachers. :|

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