Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Aurum Saturnalia

YAY!!! Not really the "Golden Anniversary" but more on the 50th post. Just did this post because I was bored and I fucking infected so many people today 3 more people fell victim to a disease I got from my brother.

When I was able to go to school Jaime had colds too!! FAIL... :| So I fucking hate the day because I can't concentrate because I have a headache from excessive sneezing and blowing of the nose. So I was totally pissed I can't even talk properly.

AND THEN I went to the bus and my bus driver was complaining that he got the colds and he had a sore throat!! FAIL... :| Then Bolilia got in the bus and complained too!! FAIL... :| My God! I'd be wearing a face mask tomorrow to prevent further infection. Well I don't know if its bacterial or viral but it think it is viral, which is much more easier to contract. Anyway I chose the song "Jar of Hearts" because she said you might catch a cold. :)