Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adroitness, a Transcendent

So I'm starting to get... I don't know... Happy? Because my BEST MOM fought with my dad to really change him it took more than half an hour of anger. I hope that it would change him but I told my mom "Ma! Umasa ka pa! Hindi niya nga ma-admit na nagkamali siya... Pano pa siya magbabago kung ganyan siya. At tingnan mo nagmamatigas yan.. Sa tingin mo mag sosorry yan... Wala! Wag mo ng pagurin sarili mo because you've been saying the same thing over and over again for more than 26 years of your life to him."

I REALLY Love my mom and it hurts me and my brothers to see her hurt and any manner especially when we caused it. But I'm tired of seeing her hurt caused by one problem. I love my father but it is the only way to teach him and the only way to teach him is to let him know that we've been through struggles that HE CAUSED. We've been always saying "This is will be the last." But it seems we are too weak to fall for his facade of kindness fully covering what had taken place.

You may have noticed that I've been dreading my father a very long time already because of my previous blogs... but we really want to teach him what is right. I'm just... tired. Please listen to the song below. :)

Song:ETERNITY ~MEMORY OF LIGHTWAVES~-Noriko Matsueda & Takahito Eguchi

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