Monday, June 7, 2010

Misanthropy and Umbrage

Last saturday my brother's eyes were operated due to the fact that he's "banlag" and he got out just today. We went there to visit him in MMC with my other brother and my da...(FUCK HIM). Anyway I had an emotional breakdown yesterday due to the fact that my mother now recognizes that I grow wrathful against my father.

She told me she knew what I felt because she has been with the very same problem for the past 26 years of their married life. I'm glad she also told me that because together we support each other and I finally understood for her being sometimes being upset during irrelevant times like being in a party.

We were only looking for attention from my father which he completely neglected. As for my eldest brother he himself is having a hard even just talking to my father. He only talks when it's a Q&A type of conversation.

During serious talks he is either in humour filled insulting mood or just plain FUCKING ANGRY. We just want him to feel what we felt for the past whole years of our lives. He is just... FUCKING USELESS... So much for respect but I've been giving it but where is it? Now I wouldn't give any hope he gets to fuck himself!

Song:LOST THEN FOUND-Leona Lewis ft. OneRepublic

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