Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Innocuos or Pernicious

So today is MOTHER's DAY! Yehey.. so i made an image with photoshop :)), which involves a pig in the picture saying "Happy Mother's Day" and it introduces itself as Chino, my brother. XD Then my parent's left for some prayer meeting.

My cousin told me to play MapleStory so he can play with me. It is an online game that looks like Mario with bonus features. :)) And I'm starting to fill the wall up already of written notes. :D This summer is so boring! I started playing violin again because it has been neglected for almost a year. :| I also have to practice my piano recital piece because it would be at May 30, 2010 and I haven't even memorized the piece hassle!

Anyway I had just finished my College Entrance Exam Review at MSA last two weeks ago and it was fun. :D That's it just to keep my blogger UPDATED! :D


Song: MAKE IT MINE-Jason Mraz