Sunday, April 25, 2010

Approbated Clairsentience

It's been a while since I've wrote something new in my blogger, so welcome back. This past few weeks I've been quite addicted to some song that really makes me sentimental which is quite good. I need some alone time every 11:00pm to 2:00am it was time to turn off the Laptop and a time to rethink, lament, and reflect.

I've missed being enlightened and some short prayers to God were the best. I really love Him, our God. :D Anyway I put on some lights turn on some music (emo). :)) If not grab the guitar or the violin then lock my room. I have been staring at my wall and planned on writing in it... the proper way.

I covered it with paper evenly distributed, just like tiles. :D I've began writing on it. It was like a public diary, I've wrote some of my hatred to the world and on how to fix it. It was so nice to let of some steam and my mom was even glad that I expressed how I felt so that she would understand me more.

It seems every after two nights I've been adding some papers on the wall, hopefully I would fill it. :D

Song:ALL FALL DOWN-OneRepublic

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Liedertafel with Doodads

OKay so we woke up at about 8:00 so we can go play ROCKBAND at Robinson's Manila with my brother and cousin. We went to UP Manila for my brother to check his grades up which turned out to be that he was missing a requirement. :)) To bad and out of 50-60 student only one passed barely :)) We laughed at it. Then checked out Rob then waited at Power Books.

10:30 we went back to the car and went to Burgundy Tower where nursing students review and also where my cousin's girlfriend was reviewing so we waited for her. Then off to Robinson's then we ate at McDonald's but somehow we forgot to reserve so my cousin and his gf went there founding out someone reserved before us with mere split seconds.

SO yeah bad3p we reserved and waited for 2 hours on some stall we can sit on. Just bought some siomai. Then bum for 2 hourse then went back to check out the other band players. :)) And somehow it was for 2 and a HALF hours. So we slept at the computer shop waiting. :)) Then wohoo! It was our turn :)) I sang Mr. Brightside, This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race, and for the finish POKER FACE! :)) Then got home... :P


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pastiche of Palendromes


Okay so we went to Palawan on sunday only me and my mom and all my cousins except for their father because the were busy. They will be joining us after the first day. SO yah... first day was kinda lame we like ate at Chicken Inato and slept. Anyway we sleep at a lodge for officers at the Air Base.

Second day, we picked up Pia's dad at the airport. Then we went to the Penal Rehabilitation Center where we can find the river where we can swim in. The old village where my mom and Pia's dad used to live is also there. Went back to Puerto Princesa then picked up my brothers and my dad during the afternoon and ate somewhere. Then we went back to home base.

Third day, UNDERGROUND RIVER and SAGUBA? BEACH, we went there at about 10:00 then we rode a boat to the are where the Underground River was found because it was on a separate island. Rode a row boat and the Tour Guide was hilarious :)). THE CAVE WAS AMAZING! :) There was a part there they call the Cathedral that was the best part for me! It is totally recommended for you to go if you haven't yet. Then after the cave we went back to the beach just to get some sunburn and we went back to home base.

Fourth day, HONDA BAY. This day was hilarious :)). Anyway we first rented snorkeling masks and camera holders for underwater. We rode the boat then went to some part of the ocean enclosed by small buoys to tell where we can swim. There was one part that some rope blocked my way, I pushed it away but there happens to be some sort of plant growing in its tip that stung me! It made a big mark on me! :| anyway went on to the next island to eat some lunch and play some seashore starfishes... we let the starfish suck our skin! :)) Next island this was the best :)) we had snorkeling. Then after that we left but somehow we forgot Pia's brother at the island. We were about three boats away from the island. He swam towards us and the water was kinda deep. :)) Okay another island this is where we settled and this island has the least amount of time we swam. We changed our clothes then again returned to home base.

Fifth day, we have to wake up at 3:00 in the morning so we can travel to EL NIDO, we got there at about 9:00 and the cliffs were so beautiful! :} Okay so we were told to move on to the beach to island hop. We went to the SMALL LAGOON it was beautiful until I got stung by a jellyfish! :| In the center of the lagoon was a slab of stone where you can stand so you can rest because it was very deep. Then somebody swam in front of me pushing away from the stone which also let the deep water pull me down and scratch my legs on to the sharp rocks!(PIC ABOVE!) :|. Swam then my wrist got stung by a jelly fish and then my elbow! :| third time to get stung by jellies. :)) Then to the BIG LAGOON it was not recommended for us to swim because there are numerous jellyfishes and urchins and it was simply too deep. We moved to the SECRET LAGOON. This was kinda lame but we ate here so yah it made it better and we also grab some jellyfishes and throw them further back to the ocean. Then we move on to some snorkeling area but the waves were to strong so we were told that we move on to the LONG BEACH. Also lame except for the part we made solid hard sand balls! :)) Then we went back to some stay in place then slept.

Sixth day, Puerto Princesa, we were returning and settling so there is nothing to talk about this day,

Seventh day, NOW, got home at about 11:00 then we went to church and yah SIGNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)) THERE WAS NO SIGNAL FOR SUN THERE! SUCK! :| Anyway gudnyt :))

Song:THE REMEDY-Jason Mraz