Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trepidation and Rupture

So this day is so boring but Filipino LT was so hard! Anyway after Chemistry which is after P.E. I planned not to attend anymore because I never attend P.E. and since yesterday Sir Contreras was happy because I finally brought my Trigonometry and he then knew my sobriquet awhile ago which everyone knows it is "Chiuie".

So P.E. I did plan on attending but the field is taken so we won't be able to do soccer so the problem was we would be playing basketball and obviously I don't have love for the game. So later on we talked about the trip for JOEY'S BIRTHDAY! :D So yah it would be very exciting.

While we're board I wrote "YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND WHEN YOU GO DOWN WHEN YOU GO DOWN DOWN" and replaced the lyrics with symbols on the floor of the covered court. :)) So this day is such a bum but it is always fun to have your friends around. :P

RIGHT ROUND - FloRida ft. Ke$ha

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