Sunday, March 7, 2010

Repudiate the Jocularity

On friday we finished our Filipino Project and gloriously enjoyed it! :D Everything is settled, and Andruew found a van worth P3000. The Filipino Project was fun we then relaxed for awhile till night time and played with Lego's :)).

Got home at about 7:30 pm and our family friend was their and her daughter. I like fixed her laptop. Then the following morning my friend and my brother doesn't seem to know how to assemble the Shisha. I watched it on youtube then viola! I know how to. :D

During the night we assembled the Shisha placed the tobacco and other stuff. We tried it and there was smoke!! :D The problem is we can't seem to taste the flavor, we were like FAIL! So she our friend and her mother went home by 11:00. The Shisha was a big fail. :|

Song: BUST A MOVE - Glee Cast (Mr. Schuester)

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