Thursday, March 18, 2010

Copiously Enervated

I'm Copiously Enervated (completely saddened) because the school year will be ending by next week. I'm gonna miss the best section I've ever had in Colegio San Agustin. It is something worth remembering since the day I started at CSA. I still can't get over that the school year will end because it only felt for about a month or shorter"?".

A lot of my classmates have been bringing there cameras for... of course memories. :D Through the best math teacher :)) the very "radical" filipino teacher "WOOOH!" the good white lady teacher of CLE, the gases we shared during chemistry :)), the best notes given by the scientific social teacher, the unattended classes during PE, the teacher who caught us at the rye :| :)), the annoying "Y R WE SO NOISY!", the noisy MUSIC CLASS, the repeated songs and jokes of the engineer comp teacher "ON THE BOARD!", it all came down to this... WE WILL SURELY MISS THEM!

Planning for our class outing still on going and obviously I cannot wait for it anymore! Thank You very much teachers and classmates!! :D APRIL 8!!! WOOH!

Song: HEY, SOUL SISTER - Train


    I cannot wait for April 8.
    And I love your teacher descriptions! :))
    Love you, bizznatch.

  2. :)) LOL tnx.. Love your blog too!! :D bitch XD :))

    I LOVE 3A

  3. it's sad that I had to read your blogs' to remember all the stuff that happened this year. it went by sooooo fast. you guys are irreplaceable. 3A!!!! :(

  4. NICCI!! ADVANCE BIO KA! :)) kaklase kita ulit :)) pero 3A FOREVER!! sobrang irreplaceable tlga :| JESUS HUG!!

  5. bitch? That's 5 pesos :))

    Nakakaiyak. fuck. One more entry like this, imma cry my ass out. Feeling ko next year im gonna hate my class. I got this feeling that everyday, from the first day of senior year til who knows when, Im gonna wish that my class was as fun as 3A. Id have to agree, 3A's the best class ive ever had. No offense to 2G tho. Diba chiuie :))

    Ill pay up tomorrow. HIHI.

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  7. :)) 5 pesos!! :| :)) LOL

    :)) 2G ummm... okay :)) 3A!! WOOOHHH :)) I can't even stop talking about this with nina, joey and jibby na nakakbad3p malpit na magend! THANK YOU TALAGA!! YOU MADE MY CSA LIFE ALOT BETTER!! :D

    I'll pay too! :)) inulit mo pa ung sinabi ko :)) 10 pesos! :D

    MAY SONG PA EH !!! :)) SENTI!!