Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Construe the Conundrum

Problems have been going down smoothly since our group for research were done with the tarpaulin although somebody didn't bring it. Parish Involvement is now solved thanks to someone, and Filipino and Social Studies LT have been moved to thursday which gives us more studying time.

A while ago Rachelle and I were so worried about tomorrows defense on our research project. Our teacher asked about the tarpaulin but the BITCH hasn't still made it giving us excuses, WHERE WOULD YOU FIND A TARPAULIN BEING MADE IN MONTHS AND STILL DON'T GET IT?! Okay so she's a BITCH so she's out of the group! :D

Anyway after talking with Sir he somehow joked about us to not join the defense and Rachelle was like "SIGE!" and he was like okay. :)) MADE MY FUCKING DAY! :D Me and Rachelle we're LIKE WOHOO! BITCH WE'RE FINE FOR THE WHOLE SY. So I'm actually studying for Social Studies. :D

From now on I'll be posting songs! :D... That represents my mood for today!
SECRETS - OneRepublic

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