Friday, March 26, 2010

Calescent or Sweltering

Obviously everyone knows that its fucking hot. So I can barely concentrate on... never mind I don't do anything during summer. Summer just full of relaxation and boredom. I sure do love the "Vacation" than the "Summer". It just so unbearable, just a few streaks of sunlight it already makes me perspire.

I can't even leave my room just to get some glass of cold water. Anyway I'll be DARK! :D Palawan trip! During Holy Week! Then 3A outing at Laguna! :D :D APRIL 8!! :D There would be lots of... yah* stuff. :)

Outing Rules:
1. No KJ's no PJ's please don't talk about GJ's and BJ's are optional.
2. Nobody gets secluded from the group.
3. Bring ALCOHOLIC DRINKS it's necessary.
4. Please never ever smoke.
5. Sleep wherever you fall.
6. No sober "JANELLE"
7. As much as possible bring P500 for pocket money.
8. Bring your own food.
9. If you're horny don't resist.
10.Everyone deserves to drink.
11.Short tempers during the trip are not allowed. (WALANG PIKON)
12.Be aware that Joey's mom would be there.
13.Bring your own medicine. :)
14.Light bags only because we might go to EK or Splash Island. XD
15.De-virginize your LIVER with ALCOHOL!
16.Most important rules are: 2,4,12

Song:COUNTDOWN-Jupiter One


  1. Joey, your mom is a spoiler. :( :| :D

  2. chiuie. anu yung PJ GJ and BJ? - ia

  3. :)) pajamas, general journal "TLE", blowjob :))

  4. no pajamas?? bat naman?

  5. who said my mom is a spoiler?! FUCK YOU!! DON`T GO! no ones stopping!

  6. joeeeyy, relax :) WE'LL STILL HAVE FUNNN!!!

  7. Hanggang salita lang yan... kainin mo nlng siya kapag kilala mo na !! :D :)) 3A's got ur back

  8. RAWR!! wisit! Thanks guys! :))

  9. malapit na!! :)) punta ako palawan tomorrow :D