Friday, March 19, 2010

Amarinthine Ardor and Despondency


This day was full of FUN! because our group had the most awards and over all we won and the reason WE DID IT FOR 3 MONTHS!!... and that group anyway is for the FILIPINO MOVIE. By the way the subject before that was math he gave us a PLUS POINT quiz for the quiz that we ALL FAILED IN! The day was kinda boring... for the MEAN WHILE!

Anyway we finished "LIAR LIAR" for our CLE. Moving on to TLE... we distributed our profit share WOOHOO!!! :)) Then they played with fire awhile ago spraying and burning their pants! :)) We went to the LABORATORY and our experiment was pretty cool but it didn't involve fire except for lighting the match! AND THEN CAME THE PARTY!! :))

We burned a lot things then we made those things look like 3A! It was so much FUN!! We were cheering inside the LAB, closing the lights, and party with fire! :)) Of course alcohol was very persistent in the project.

...Well everytime I remember that the SY will be ending it made me sad! Who isn't, probably a few"?" If any 3A read this THANKS AGAIN!! SEE YOU AT APRIL 8 and during 4th year hoping we'd still be friends! May papush-up push-up na tayo next year! XD JFMA on the FLOOR!! :((

Song:CHANCES-Five For Fighting

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