Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aberrant or Spastic

Ok... So I woke up at 7:30 to go to my dentist at Manila we got there at about 9:00 then finished at about 10:30. We then went to Recto, Manila to repair my cousin's picture frames. Then we have to wait for about 1:30 before it finishes we went to Greenhills then I saw Caguiat :)) he also saw me.

Then we bought some slippers for our Palawan outing then we ate at Brother's Burger we finished at about 10:20 roamed around for some more then we got back to Recto to pick the frames up. We then delivered the frames to our cousin and also our brother, who's birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTDAY! :D), was then we left.

Now I'm home packing up my bags :D. Can't get over! :)) WOOHOO! PALAWAN! :D Anyway don't comment something to bashful if you went to somewhere better because I wouldn't care? Keep it to yourself :D APRIL 8!! :D Please read the rules if you haven't read it. No fighting please especially on my site :)). PLEASE BE SENSITIVE. OK :D

Song:SUDDENLY-Ryan Ferguson

Friday, March 26, 2010

Calescent or Sweltering

Obviously everyone knows that its fucking hot. So I can barely concentrate on... never mind I don't do anything during summer. Summer just full of relaxation and boredom. I sure do love the "Vacation" than the "Summer". It just so unbearable, just a few streaks of sunlight it already makes me perspire.

I can't even leave my room just to get some glass of cold water. Anyway I'll be DARK! :D Palawan trip! During Holy Week! Then 3A outing at Laguna! :D :D APRIL 8!! :D There would be lots of... yah* stuff. :)

Outing Rules:
1. No KJ's no PJ's please don't talk about GJ's and BJ's are optional.
2. Nobody gets secluded from the group.
3. Bring ALCOHOLIC DRINKS it's necessary.
4. Please never ever smoke.
5. Sleep wherever you fall.
6. No sober "JANELLE"
7. As much as possible bring P500 for pocket money.
8. Bring your own food.
9. If you're horny don't resist.
10.Everyone deserves to drink.
11.Short tempers during the trip are not allowed. (WALANG PIKON)
12.Be aware that Joey's mom would be there.
13.Bring your own medicine. :)
14.Light bags only because we might go to EK or Splash Island. XD
15.De-virginize your LIVER with ALCOHOL!
16.Most important rules are: 2,4,12

Song:COUNTDOWN-Jupiter One

Friday, March 19, 2010

Amarinthine Ardor and Despondency


This day was full of FUN! because our group had the most awards and over all we won and the reason WE DID IT FOR 3 MONTHS!!... and that group anyway is for the FILIPINO MOVIE. By the way the subject before that was math he gave us a PLUS POINT quiz for the quiz that we ALL FAILED IN! The day was kinda boring... for the MEAN WHILE!

Anyway we finished "LIAR LIAR" for our CLE. Moving on to TLE... we distributed our profit share WOOHOO!!! :)) Then they played with fire awhile ago spraying and burning their pants! :)) We went to the LABORATORY and our experiment was pretty cool but it didn't involve fire except for lighting the match! AND THEN CAME THE PARTY!! :))

We burned a lot things then we made those things look like 3A! It was so much FUN!! We were cheering inside the LAB, closing the lights, and party with fire! :)) Of course alcohol was very persistent in the project.

...Well everytime I remember that the SY will be ending it made me sad! Who isn't, probably a few"?" If any 3A read this THANKS AGAIN!! SEE YOU AT APRIL 8 and during 4th year hoping we'd still be friends! May papush-up push-up na tayo next year! XD JFMA on the FLOOR!! :((

Song:CHANCES-Five For Fighting

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Copiously Enervated

I'm Copiously Enervated (completely saddened) because the school year will be ending by next week. I'm gonna miss the best section I've ever had in Colegio San Agustin. It is something worth remembering since the day I started at CSA. I still can't get over that the school year will end because it only felt for about a month or shorter"?".

A lot of my classmates have been bringing there cameras for... of course memories. :D Through the best math teacher :)) the very "radical" filipino teacher "WOOOH!" the good white lady teacher of CLE, the gases we shared during chemistry :)), the best notes given by the scientific social teacher, the unattended classes during PE, the teacher who caught us at the rye :| :)), the annoying "Y R WE SO NOISY!", the noisy MUSIC CLASS, the repeated songs and jokes of the engineer comp teacher "ON THE BOARD!", it all came down to this... WE WILL SURELY MISS THEM!

Planning for our class outing still on going and obviously I cannot wait for it anymore! Thank You very much teachers and classmates!! :D APRIL 8!!! WOOH!

Song: HEY, SOUL SISTER - Train

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Repudiate the Jocularity

On friday we finished our Filipino Project and gloriously enjoyed it! :D Everything is settled, and Andruew found a van worth P3000. The Filipino Project was fun we then relaxed for awhile till night time and played with Lego's :)).

Got home at about 7:30 pm and our family friend was their and her daughter. I like fixed her laptop. Then the following morning my friend and my brother doesn't seem to know how to assemble the Shisha. I watched it on youtube then viola! I know how to. :D

During the night we assembled the Shisha placed the tobacco and other stuff. We tried it and there was smoke!! :D The problem is we can't seem to taste the flavor, we were like FAIL! So she our friend and her mother went home by 11:00. The Shisha was a big fail. :|

Song: BUST A MOVE - Glee Cast (Mr. Schuester)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trepidation and Rupture

So this day is so boring but Filipino LT was so hard! Anyway after Chemistry which is after P.E. I planned not to attend anymore because I never attend P.E. and since yesterday Sir Contreras was happy because I finally brought my Trigonometry and he then knew my sobriquet awhile ago which everyone knows it is "Chiuie".

So P.E. I did plan on attending but the field is taken so we won't be able to do soccer so the problem was we would be playing basketball and obviously I don't have love for the game. So later on we talked about the trip for JOEY'S BIRTHDAY! :D So yah it would be very exciting.

While we're board I wrote "YOU SPIN MY HEAD RIGHT ROUND RIGHT ROUND WHEN YOU GO DOWN WHEN YOU GO DOWN DOWN" and replaced the lyrics with symbols on the floor of the covered court. :)) So this day is such a bum but it is always fun to have your friends around. :P

RIGHT ROUND - FloRida ft. Ke$ha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Construe the Conundrum

Problems have been going down smoothly since our group for research were done with the tarpaulin although somebody didn't bring it. Parish Involvement is now solved thanks to someone, and Filipino and Social Studies LT have been moved to thursday which gives us more studying time.

A while ago Rachelle and I were so worried about tomorrows defense on our research project. Our teacher asked about the tarpaulin but the BITCH hasn't still made it giving us excuses, WHERE WOULD YOU FIND A TARPAULIN BEING MADE IN MONTHS AND STILL DON'T GET IT?! Okay so she's a BITCH so she's out of the group! :D

Anyway after talking with Sir he somehow joked about us to not join the defense and Rachelle was like "SIGE!" and he was like okay. :)) MADE MY FUCKING DAY! :D Me and Rachelle we're LIKE WOHOO! BITCH WE'RE FINE FOR THE WHOLE SY. So I'm actually studying for Social Studies. :D

From now on I'll be posting songs! :D... That represents my mood for today!
SECRETS - OneRepublic