Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Privy Vehemence of a Kibitzer

The day sucks! Although a little enlightenment in the end. It started with a same old boring day at school well I was expecting it to be OK because there won't be any practice until five o'clock. Anyway we were given a homework which was actually easy, this teacher even thought us how to do it, he even gave the easiest way on how to do it. But as any typical teenager student, we are simply apathetic to do it.

On the day itself he stared wondering why few papers are on the desk which were suppose to be homeworks, he started scolding us and told us to go outside the room do the homework and be not exempted from the upcoming quiz. He even told us that the LT and the quiz will be done at the same period, quite a good punishment, on his side though.

He started exempting the people who did the homework from the quiz and collected their papers seperately from our papers. All kinda went well he asked us to check put the damn scores, then this girl, our classmate, came late to class and claims she had excused herself from class but merely she cutted class. This teacher obviously had enough, he tore the paper into half of those who wasn't able to do the homework and walked-out, to bad I had a perfect score.

We started feeling bad (I don't know about the others) but we were thinking if he will be giving us a Major Behavioral Report and the case was Defiance. As we got our diaries we were grateful that he didn't give us any BR so everybody was happy. THANK GOD! and especially him. I cannot thank you enough, although how much we abused his kindness. But still the punishment will still be pushed through. Sighhh*.



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