Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kismet in Quagmire

Okay it has been only one day since the incident happened with our Filipino Project now there is a new problem the had risen long ago, PARISH INVOLVEMENT. We are now planning to fix the problem with our project but Parish is due THIS WEEK. I haven't even started.

Kevin, Du, and I planned to go to parish in moonwalk during this day and tomorrow but Du wasn't able to come because he accompanied his mother to the hospital. So it was only Kevin and I. He said to go to his house by 7:30.

Woke up went to his house then went to church... and... it was closed. Met Patrick along the way and he told us to wait for it to open but we would have to wait for an hour and the problem is there is no place for us to wait for. We want home tired and screwed.

I IM with Du and he told there wouldn't be any parish tomorrow at moonwalk! THERE ARE NO MORE PLACES TO GO! I'm so tired and angry now there are to problems and both are 10% of my grade and they're requirements.

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