Friday, February 5, 2010

The Imminent Contingency

Junior Prom... will be tomorrow. Okay since monday my mom told me to prepare some of my things for the upcoming Junior PROM, I was like "OK". She like told me to find new slacks and stuff which I did. Then on tuesday Jo told me that Bols and the others were buying a corsage but it was around 350 pesos. The first time I bought one was about 150.

Moving on I asked my mom if I can have money for a corsage and she gave me but my dad knew of a place where I can get a corsage. Thursday during PE time I was texting to a friend of how we will be able to bring down our bags for the hotel. She told us to bring on friday and she will check-in already.

Although this isn't my first time to go to prom (It's my Third) I'm quite looking forward to it than past proms because I actually know the people. Anyway it is already tomorrow. So I'm going! :D

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