Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guffaw of Amalgamated Perturbation

So much confusion today. Non-stop laughing (as always) and some near miss FAIL! I started the day with the same boring routine and when getting to school with no idea there would be any quizzes doesn't seem to be a surprise for me anymore. Studied for the not surprising quiz for Social Studies. Gazed at some math homeworks that students which of course they were tired of doing.

During lunch Pia brought KULANGOT and some Choco Flakes and we totally messed up the table. Pia and Annika went out to buy some food but when they got back Pia wasn't really hungry and gave the food to me. HAPPINESS! Computer quiz was done in 5 minutes. SS quiz then got my MATH LT, I was 25/40 but the passing was 28 I got 2 corrections which only got me 27/40 NEAR-MISS! FUCK!

Got home pissed wishing I can go to Fully Booked or Power Books! :D So boring no more books to read but only to re-read the Divine Comedy :P! I PRAISE DANTE ALIGHIERI! :D Okay so I'm doing research so don't fucking disturb me! :|

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