Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enliven Animosity

It was the third and last day of fair yesterday. I was able to go to school due to the mistake of our bus operator for not having the knowledge that there wasn't suppose to be any bus on Saturday. Went to school; same old lame day at fair ate sat at only one place at the cafetorium from 8 o'clock until we moved to our classrooms at 12 o'clock.

We were told to get the props for the Cheering Competition and after that there would be practice. After first practice I wasn't in the mood because someone was so damn frank at things, nothing went well. I then accompanied Jo and her friends for her pictorial and claimed her missing illustration boards from the guards.

Second practice started then after that moving out to the field. MY GOD! Senior's entrance was nice but I didn't like anything more after that. Freshies were so overpopulated they won't fit all in the bench. WOOH JUNIORS!! :D Too bad for the sophomores they have a curse, so there is nothing to mention about them.

Awarding started and *blah blah* then "The 1st runner up for... something something is... JUNIORS!" Guess who cheered. The Seniors! WAF! After the award was given they got 1st place then we got 2nd place. Walk out? :| Got home ate and slept even though we got 2nd place I'm still proud! :D WOOHO!!

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