Friday, February 26, 2010

Burlesque and Prescience

Our group for the Filipino Project has already started filming and planning since January, but there are still scenes that we haven't finished until now... or not. Our group planned for the whole week of when will be filming again, and that day is today. Went to High Street with Janelle, Ara, Nina, and Alec(epal). :D We done alot as in ALOT of scenes and the only scene left to be finished is the ending.

We rested for a bit and checked out the stores and we also sat by the benches. Ara was taking a picture of Janelle for the poster of the movie. Picture after picture, then Joey suggested make-up for her fierce look then Nina ask if anyone wanted to join with her in the CR, then Ara went with her with the camera.

It took little time before they got back and Ara began to wonder where the camera was. She quickly ran to the CR finding nothing and she went back countless times and asked the janitress and she also looked for the trashcan but it seems it wasn't just there. We of course reported to the guards. There is little they can do unless someone gave it to them.

It brought us all down. We were so happy to have done a lot of scenes but ended pretty FUCKED UP! It took some time before we moved out from the benches then chilled again at Fully Booked. My goodness! Can't stop laughing while we were there we found the interactive books of children pretty fun!:)) Janelle and I can't seem to stop laughing.

Then Ara came with three book from PostSecret read it unimpressed and depressed. Then it was time to go home. I got home try to prepare for my parish involvement tomorrow, please help me GOD! Anyway it is very slim for the person to turn in the camera so we would be shooting again! :|

I bought a new book anyway. :D Something to read at school again but I still can't seem to get over it! FUCK! :|

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