Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kismet in Quagmire

Okay it has been only one day since the incident happened with our Filipino Project now there is a new problem the had risen long ago, PARISH INVOLVEMENT. We are now planning to fix the problem with our project but Parish is due THIS WEEK. I haven't even started.

Kevin, Du, and I planned to go to parish in moonwalk during this day and tomorrow but Du wasn't able to come because he accompanied his mother to the hospital. So it was only Kevin and I. He said to go to his house by 7:30.

Woke up went to his house then went to church... and... it was closed. Met Patrick along the way and he told us to wait for it to open but we would have to wait for an hour and the problem is there is no place for us to wait for. We want home tired and screwed.

I IM with Du and he told there wouldn't be any parish tomorrow at moonwalk! THERE ARE NO MORE PLACES TO GO! I'm so tired and angry now there are to problems and both are 10% of my grade and they're requirements.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Burlesque and Prescience

Our group for the Filipino Project has already started filming and planning since January, but there are still scenes that we haven't finished until now... or not. Our group planned for the whole week of when will be filming again, and that day is today. Went to High Street with Janelle, Ara, Nina, and Alec(epal). :D We done alot as in ALOT of scenes and the only scene left to be finished is the ending.

We rested for a bit and checked out the stores and we also sat by the benches. Ara was taking a picture of Janelle for the poster of the movie. Picture after picture, then Joey suggested make-up for her fierce look then Nina ask if anyone wanted to join with her in the CR, then Ara went with her with the camera.

It took little time before they got back and Ara began to wonder where the camera was. She quickly ran to the CR finding nothing and she went back countless times and asked the janitress and she also looked for the trashcan but it seems it wasn't just there. We of course reported to the guards. There is little they can do unless someone gave it to them.

It brought us all down. We were so happy to have done a lot of scenes but ended pretty FUCKED UP! It took some time before we moved out from the benches then chilled again at Fully Booked. My goodness! Can't stop laughing while we were there we found the interactive books of children pretty fun!:)) Janelle and I can't seem to stop laughing.

Then Ara came with three book from PostSecret read it unimpressed and depressed. Then it was time to go home. I got home try to prepare for my parish involvement tomorrow, please help me GOD! Anyway it is very slim for the person to turn in the camera so we would be shooting again! :|

I bought a new book anyway. :D Something to read at school again but I still can't seem to get over it! FUCK! :|

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guffaw of Amalgamated Perturbation

So much confusion today. Non-stop laughing (as always) and some near miss FAIL! I started the day with the same boring routine and when getting to school with no idea there would be any quizzes doesn't seem to be a surprise for me anymore. Studied for the not surprising quiz for Social Studies. Gazed at some math homeworks that students which of course they were tired of doing.

During lunch Pia brought KULANGOT and some Choco Flakes and we totally messed up the table. Pia and Annika went out to buy some food but when they got back Pia wasn't really hungry and gave the food to me. HAPPINESS! Computer quiz was done in 5 minutes. SS quiz then got my MATH LT, I was 25/40 but the passing was 28 I got 2 corrections which only got me 27/40 NEAR-MISS! FUCK!

Got home pissed wishing I can go to Fully Booked or Power Books! :D So boring no more books to read but only to re-read the Divine Comedy :P! I PRAISE DANTE ALIGHIERI! :D Okay so I'm doing research so don't fucking disturb me! :|

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Enliven Animosity

It was the third and last day of fair yesterday. I was able to go to school due to the mistake of our bus operator for not having the knowledge that there wasn't suppose to be any bus on Saturday. Went to school; same old lame day at fair ate sat at only one place at the cafetorium from 8 o'clock until we moved to our classrooms at 12 o'clock.

We were told to get the props for the Cheering Competition and after that there would be practice. After first practice I wasn't in the mood because someone was so damn frank at things, nothing went well. I then accompanied Jo and her friends for her pictorial and claimed her missing illustration boards from the guards.

Second practice started then after that moving out to the field. MY GOD! Senior's entrance was nice but I didn't like anything more after that. Freshies were so overpopulated they won't fit all in the bench. WOOH JUNIORS!! :D Too bad for the sophomores they have a curse, so there is nothing to mention about them.

Awarding started and *blah blah* then "The 1st runner up for... something something is... JUNIORS!" Guess who cheered. The Seniors! WAF! After the award was given they got 1st place then we got 2nd place. Walk out? :| Got home ate and slept even though we got 2nd place I'm still proud! :D WOOHO!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Vapid Vivacity

These first two days of fair sucks.There is nothing to do but waste money on food. We went around the school, text, and look for each other. We go to school by 7: 30 waiting in Nina's bus. We watched Padre de Pamilya then walked out during dismissal time, it was actually a nice movie but if it wasn't too late I would still watch.

Then during yesterday night I drank some alcohol. I went to school just to get the batch shirt, but too bad it wasn't given today. I just ate again today, wasted fucking money. Now that I'm home I can be able to do what I want now, I'm currently watching The Simpsons. :D Okay boring now. :|

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Guileless Puerility

OH MY GOD!!! So stupid. I'm so fucking angry right now but back at school I was so happy because during the cheering competition the batch was so good but now at home the happiness faded away. Okay I planned on drinking today so yah because my cousin was here and yeah. When I was at school I was fucking excited.

When I got home I was still alone at my house reading my book. My brother came and picked my cousin because she needs new shoes for her job, so they were away for awhile. Then when they got home she announced to the whole house "Okay bili na tayo ng drinks!", I was like fuck! Be quiet! My father started getting angry and questioning what will we buy he was like, "WHAT DRINKS!!!!". I was like, "...err...err...arghhh... ALCOHOL!"

He was so angry and I'm so angry to my cousin. Although there won't be classes tomorrow just having our Fair Day. It was completely stupid to tell that were drinking. So much for the excitement and fun at school it is now destroyed within seconds. Not in the mood just watching my brother play "Assassin's Creed" because "Assassin's Creed 2" was so short i finished it in 5 days! :)) :) :| :( :(( ... MIXED EMOTIONS!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Imminent Contingency

Junior Prom... will be tomorrow. Okay since monday my mom told me to prepare some of my things for the upcoming Junior PROM, I was like "OK". She like told me to find new slacks and stuff which I did. Then on tuesday Jo told me that Bols and the others were buying a corsage but it was around 350 pesos. The first time I bought one was about 150.

Moving on I asked my mom if I can have money for a corsage and she gave me but my dad knew of a place where I can get a corsage. Thursday during PE time I was texting to a friend of how we will be able to bring down our bags for the hotel. She told us to bring on friday and she will check-in already.

Although this isn't my first time to go to prom (It's my Third) I'm quite looking forward to it than past proms because I actually know the people. Anyway it is already tomorrow. So I'm going! :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Privy Vehemence of a Kibitzer

The day sucks! Although a little enlightenment in the end. It started with a same old boring day at school well I was expecting it to be OK because there won't be any practice until five o'clock. Anyway we were given a homework which was actually easy, this teacher even thought us how to do it, he even gave the easiest way on how to do it. But as any typical teenager student, we are simply apathetic to do it.

On the day itself he stared wondering why few papers are on the desk which were suppose to be homeworks, he started scolding us and told us to go outside the room do the homework and be not exempted from the upcoming quiz. He even told us that the LT and the quiz will be done at the same period, quite a good punishment, on his side though.

He started exempting the people who did the homework from the quiz and collected their papers seperately from our papers. All kinda went well he asked us to check put the damn scores, then this girl, our classmate, came late to class and claims she had excused herself from class but merely she cutted class. This teacher obviously had enough, he tore the paper into half of those who wasn't able to do the homework and walked-out, to bad I had a perfect score.

We started feeling bad (I don't know about the others) but we were thinking if he will be giving us a Major Behavioral Report and the case was Defiance. As we got our diaries we were grateful that he didn't give us any BR so everybody was happy. THANK GOD! and especially him. I cannot thank you enough, although how much we abused his kindness. But still the punishment will still be pushed through. Sighhh*.